Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's been a long time and I have not been on my game. So much have pass and I need to get this off my chest. My thoughts on Grape Pubron James trying to recruit Carmelo Anthony to Miami is pathetic. Carmelo is about his paper and his legacy in New York would be legendary if he stay and win one. That championship be better than all Miami's chips put together. Everyone knows how long NY been without a ring and I hope NY change that trend. But, that curse of trading Walt Clyde Frazier may never end. I teach cause so many reach and its time for me to blow your mine one more time with some predictions. MELO staying cause you know he about his paper. Kevin Love not going anywhere until the trading deadline, the T- wolves never handled stars well. Isaiah Rider, Christian Laether, Kevin Garnett and Wesley Johnson all top ten draft picks who either didn't stick around or became better when they left the Wolves. Kevin is a interesting character he's in more commercials than Tim Duncan,Paul George and Stephen Curry combine, but he needs more respect. Ricky Rubio say he not a good leader,well Kevin Love leads the team in almost every category,but he find a way to alienate his teammates. That's a quarry maybe Rubio said this about Love so no one would trade for him. A good way to keep your teammate home. Let's be real nobody in life want to play in Minnesota and with Love wanting to leave so does your chance of signing someone to come there.


Carmelo Anthony is not going anywhere, cause like most people he all about his paper. In my opinion definitely top five or ten matters who you ask. But, no question he destroys whoever he is in front of nightly, cause he don't show up for afternoon games. But, I digress Phil Jackson is right and wrong about Melo taking less ,it would add a max player to the team. Melo is definitely a number one, but without being a player who knows who to pass the ball to before receiving it - is wishing for rings not wearing them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just went all Nets

The Nets are going to be dangerous with Paul Pierce,Kevin Garnett,Jason Terry and Andre Kirlenko. Brooklyn have starters and a bench, nobody wants to see them in the playoffs. Once chemistry builds its going to tough to stop
any one person on the team. My worries might be unselfishness in the beginning,but that will take time.

Teams are afraid and abash that they didn't take the same risk
Brooklyn took. At any rate, many teams are waiting for 2014 to take a shot at the KING and MELO. Can be the KING and MELO show for a number of teams, who didn't sign anyone this summer. Everyone knows the Lakers and Cleveland, some other teams are the Bulls,Pacers who many players coming off the books in 2014.Philly who have no chance and stated that they are looking to 2014 draft.

Next time, I will give my top ten players by position. If you disagree comment I love the hate, it what sustain me.

Greeny said what

Mike "Greeny" Greenberg from ESPN's MIKE AND MIKE said "Carmelo Anthony is not one of the top players of all time" Mike is a respected journalist and broadcaster but when he said this I almost fall out of my chair. I'm a fan of basketball not players,but game recognize game and Melo looks familiar. I need comments on this. If you let the media feed you who is good and who is not then be a puppet. If you a have throughts comment..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I was at a park on houston and 6th ave in NYC, seen a 5 foot 1 inch girl named Dena Reed used her speed to get pass three defenders and score. Next Reed stop on a door and hit the jumpshot, she played hard scored often. Reed slow me something that I don't see anymore and that's passion, an ability to show your desire. Reed made me believe anything is possible on the floor. If you want to be inspired go watch her and her team at the women West 4th tournament on the corner of Houston and 6th ave. P.S. bring a sit if you don't like standing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Im good

Metta World Peace going to the york very interesting,but is it enough? MWP is the 8 wonder of the world and should not be understood ,he brings many good and bad aspects to the game. He never quits On himself or his teammates, but he lost some speed and can't guard Smaller players. Not sure if he wants to guard bigger players he was Really taking one for the team last year. At any rate he a good Addition to any bench he wants to come off the bench. Amare,Amare,Amare what are you going to do with this team,probably Leave the team.Amare Stoudemire is a starter not playing starter minutes and His body is betraying him. If Melo wasn't on the team Stoud would not be The problem. I want to see Stoud and Melo play together in all truth One can't win without the other. Hopefully, they will know that.

Monday, July 8, 2013

come on man

Oh josh smith what the *&^% are you doing? You went from A playoff team to a team that haven't seen the playoffs in five years Whatever you take you should sell it in cans, cause that will be More successful than the pistons. Man, I feel bad about writing that I don't know the man from a hole in the wall. But what in the life Of the don't do its was he thinking? The Pistons have talent, however No one like each other and it shows. No chemistry on either side Of the court. The preview posting 2013-2014 season I usually save my opinion For the beginning of the season, at any rate josh is in the terror Dome. I wish the best for detroit,because that city need some goods Times and some jobs. That's another story.